Shaanxi Huifeng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.was invited to the 50 best evaluation meeting of the CCTV CCTV business city industry


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In November 18,2017 to find the Chinese good products industry,50 excellent selection activities"was held in ZTE Hotel Shenzhen in Xi'an,organized by the Xi'an Jobon power Advertising Culture Communication Co.Ltd.is the exclusive contractor,cctv.com mall distinguished brand experts consultant Mr.Liu Wei to visit the ancient city of Xi'an and Shaanxi entrepreneurs to explore how leveraging CCTV cctv.com mall to build their own brand awareness!




Mr.Wang Jingan,chairman of Shaanxi Huifeng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.,and Han Zong,the company's strategic investment management department,were invited to participate in the 50 best selection activities of the CCTV CCTV business city industry.




Shaanxi Huifeng Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.was founded in January 2000,headquartered in Xi'an hi tech Industrial Development Zone,is a company specializing in plant extract,pharmaceutical raw materials,bio pharmaceutical research and development,production and sales of high-tech enterprises.At present,the company has become the world's leading rutin and Diosmin of China manufacturer and exporter of products are exported to France.Poland,Spain,Germany,the United States,Britain and other more than 20 countries and regions.Shaanxi Huifeng Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd.with its reliable product quality,has won wide acclaim from domestic and international customers.

At the judging site,Mr.Wang Jingan introduced that the main product of Huifeng pharmaceutical is TROXERUTIN.It is also known as hydroxyethyl rutin,which inhibits platelet aggregation and prevents thrombosis.







In the field of communication,Hui Feng pharmaceutical Chairman Mr.Wang Jingan introduced to this:"since the company was founded in more than 10 years,the company's management and development of all staff's unremitting efforts,adhere to high technology,has achieved great development,now the company has become the enterprise at home and abroad of cerebrovascular disease with raw materials and plant extracts a circle of fame and influence.The company regards product quality as enterprise life,pay attention to product quality,the products have reached the highest level.The company will be more mature and steady pace undertake to customers,employees,shareholders and society responsibility.To create more,better social value,and continuously forge ahead,Be creative,and strive for the internationalization of the group!

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