Our company has passed the European CEP certification for Diosmin in May 2011.We are the only company in Asia and the third in the world that has the Diosmin CEP certificate.We herein thank all the customers both old and new for their support and great kindness as always.

From the second half of the year 2011,our company has strengthened the internal control system.Here,we sincerely inform you the following problems found during this time:

Mr.Xiaoming Wang,salesman of our company has taken advantage of his position to secretly transfer the company's orders and customers to other company,and also forged the company's stamp to mislead the customer and arrange the payment to other company's account.This behavior is seriously against the sales management system and damages the company's reputation and profit.Regarding to this behavior of no work ethic,no honesty,and benefiting his personal interests at the expense of the company’s interests,the company will give no tolerance.

Mr.Xiaoming Wang has now been suspended and in the course of investigation.The investigation result will be noticed further.

We herein declare:

1.From now on,the company has suspended any of the company’s business concerned with Mr.Xiaoming Wang.All the activities he conducted outside of the company are individual behavior,and have no connection with the company.

2.The company reserves all the right to take a legal prosecution against Mr.Xiaoming Wang regarding to all the economy and reputation loss caused by Mr.Xiaoming Wang.

3.Mr.Jiabei Yan will take over all the work of Mr.Xiaoming Wang,here is the contact information of Ms Jocelyn zhang:


Email:sales xahuifeng.com

Shaanxi Huifeng Pharmaceutical Ltd

March 7,2012

Management Committee,Hi-Tech,Huifeng Pharmaceutical