Pomegranate Hull P.E

Ellagic Acid is a polyhenol compound extracted from PunicagranatumLinn


polyhenol compound extracted


Detailed description

Plant origin

1.English name:Pomegranate Hull P.E

2.Latin name:Punicagranatum L

3.CAS NO.:476-66-4

4.botanical used part:peel


Product extract

1.appearance:brown grey powder

2.active ingredients:.ellagic acid

3.specification:ellagic acid 40%-90%

4.test methods:HPLC

5.molecular formula:40%-90%


Suggest application

Ellagic Acid is a polyhenol compound extracted from PunicagranatumLinn,it has been used for food antioxidant and important food additive,for its good antioxidant ability.Some research reports indicate that the Ellagic Acid can resist variance and restrain the proliferating of the cancer cell,and it can be used for preventing and curing the colon cancer,esophague cancer,liver cancer,lung cancer,tongue and skin tumour,etc.Moreover,it can also strengthen body’s immunity function and lower blood pressure,ease fidget.

main function:

1.preventing carcinoma of colon,esophageal cancer,liver cancer,lung cancer,etc

2.enhancing human immunity

3.sedation and lowering blood pressure

4.owning stronger antioxidation

5.whitening,dispel;omg spot,anti-wrinkle and delaying skin againg

eliagic acid is one kind of polyphenolic substance and owns stronger antioxidation,it is extensively used in food,health products,cosmetics,pharmaceutical.

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