Valerian Root Extract

used as sedative against sleeping disorders,restlessness and anxiety


sedative against sleeping


Detailed description

Plant origin

1.English name:Valerian Root Extract

2.Latin name:Valeriana offeinalis L

3.CAS NO.:109-52-4

4.botanical used part:herb and root


Product extract

1.appearance:brown powder ingredients:.valerian acid


4.test methods:HPLC

5.molecular formula:C5H10O2

6.molecular weight:102.13


Suggest application

alerian,in pharmacology and phytotherapic medicine,is the name of a herb or dietary supplement prepared from roots of the plant,which,after maceration,trituration,dehydration processes,are conveniently packaged,usually into capsules,that may be used for certain effects including sedation and anxiolytic effect.

Medicine property:

1.used as sedative against sleeping disorders,restlessness and anxiety.

2.Fight against bacteria and various infection

3.Serve as muscle relaxant

4.Treat gastrointestinal pain and irritable bowel syndrome.

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