Bilberry P.E.

To help increase microcirculation by stimulating new capillary formation


increase microcirculation


Detailed description

Item name:Bilberry P.E.

(CAS No:84082-34-8)

Latin Name:Vaccinnium vitis-idaea L.

Botanical Source:Vaccinnium vitis-idaea L.

Part Used:Fruit

Appearance:Red-purple powder

Active Ingredient:Anthocyandins


Test Method:UV

Molecular Formula:C27H31O16

Molecular Weight:611


Product description

The 15 kind of different anthocyanidins can be found in Biberry P.E..The anthocyanidin may help to maintain capillary vessel integrity and collagen.The anthocyanidin is also the powerful oxidation inhibitor.


Suggest application

1.To improve night vision ability.2.To treat diabetes.

3.To help increase microcirculation by stimulating new capillary formation.

4.To strengthen capillary walls and increase overall health of the circulatory system.

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