Feverfew Extract



Detailed description

  Feverfew Extract

  Plant origin

  1.English name:Feverfew Extract

  2.Latin name:Tanacetum Parthenium

  3.CAS NO.:29552-41-

  4.botanical used part:flower

  plant extract

  1.appearance:brownish-yellow powder

  2.active ingredients:.Parthenlide

  3.specification:Parthenlide 0.3%0.8%1.2%3%

  4.test methods:HPLC

  5.molecular formula:C15H20O3

  6.molecular weight:248.32

  7.molecular structure:

  suggest application:

  1.Parthenolide extract has a strong anti-tumor activity.This extract can destroy acute myeloid leukemia cells.leukemia development of new drugs to go a long way,this parthenolide extract can also targeted the elimination of acute and chronic myeloid leukemia stem cells.from the root to contain disease

  2.Parthenolide extract can be used to rule from a migraine to go far a variety of rheumatic diseases.It can also be with other natural medicinal plant along with processed into powder(capsule)taken

  3.Parthenolide extract agents can be used to drive the wind,the treatment of stomach inflation.

  4.Parthenolide extract can be used to pass by the agents,pesticides(parasotes).

  5.Parthenolide extract can also be used to reduce kidney pain,dizziness and vomiting and morning.

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