Ginkgo Biloba P.E.



Detailed description

 Item name:Ginkgo Biloba P.E./Ginkgo extract

  Plant origin

  1.English name:Ginkgo Biloba

  2.Latin name:ginkgo biloba L.

  3.CAS NO.:501-36-0

  4.botanical used part:the dry leaf

  plant extract

  1.appearance:light yellow powder ingredients:ginkgetin,bilobalide

  3.specification:ginkgetin 24%bilobalide 6%

  4.test methods:HPLC

  5.molecular formula:C15H18O8

  6.molecular weight:326.3

  7.molecular structure:

  suggest application:

  main function:

  1.dalating blood vessels,promoting blood circulating and enhancing immunity.

  2.Tonifying kidney and nouring brain,whitening and anti-wrinkle

  3.Promoting cerebral blood circulation and cellular metabolism

  4.Lowering blood pressure and high blood fat,

  5.Anti-cancer and preventing cancer.


  1.Applied in pharmaceutical field,it can be used for treating stomach-ache,diarrhea,high blood pressure,nervous and respiratory disease,such aw asthma,bronchitis.

  2.Applied in health product field,it can effectively reduce breast pain and emotional instability.

  3.Functional foods areas protecting vascular endothelial tissue,regulating blood lipids.

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